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Make More Money

We did it! We raised our children in a family-owned small business. My children grew up working with us as we started and built an office cleaning company. They saw that ‘money’ did not grow on trees, but was earned as the result of people’s (whether ours or our employees) efforts.


As we expanded our business, we:


began a house cleaning service to increase cash flow,


started a window cleaning business on the weekends,


added a lawn mowing service in the summers.


Those lessons took hold. My daughter (aged 22)has completed her senior year of college, and is now living in England (All of it paid for by her). My son (aged 18) builds computers and repairs electronic equipment, and is doing all of this on his own; using the relationship skills he has learned from being involved in business building.


I believe that a family owned service business can not only bring in extra income; it can open up a whole new world of possibilities:

  • a better standard of living,

  • freedom from debt,

  • higher education,

  • travel, etc.


I’ve been sharing my story as to how I started this business and the steps necessary to build it into what it has become today. Now I’ve prepared a Free Newsletter to encourage YOU to consider the possibility of starting a part-time, or even a full-time:


office or house cleaning business,


window cleaning or lawn care service.


I’ve helped many people earn  $500-$2.000 part-time per month with just a few hours of work each week. $5,000 per month is not at all unusual (it DOES take some work, but if it were effortless, everybody would do it!).


With a full-time business, the sky is the limit. I know many people who make a great living with 10-12 medium sized accounts, and some who’ve become millionaires.


What ever route you choose, starting your own office cleaning service can radically improve your life. There is no investment (franchise) needed, and no experience required.

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