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7 Reasons to Start a Lawn Care Business for Extra Cash!

March 5, 2019

I may be Financially Independent But I'm NOT Retiring!

February 12, 2019

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January 29, 2018

As mentioned in Part 1, One of the fastest ways to drum up business for is through networking. Networking gets you in front of people who either need your service or know someone who does. In other words it creates sales opportunities.

However many people make a number...

November 15, 2017

There is little ‘magic’ involved in running a business; although if you do things properly, ‘success’ often seems to occur magically. There are lots of books and other media devoted to business leadership. Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership is one of the best.

However, somet...

August 5, 2015

One thing I’ve noticed over the last 16 years is that there are times when I have found myself creating misery in my work without actually realizing it. Like many business people I would start out each month with my legal pad freshly filled with notes containing ideas...

July 27, 2015

“Someone's opinion of you does not have to become your reality.” I don’t know much about Les Brown, but this quote ‘rings true’ for me.


My parents grew up during the Great Depression and lived through the turmoil of World War II. They married right after the war and li...

July 4, 2015

I remember waiting for five o'clock on Friday. It did not matter if it was when I was a factory worker waiting to ‘punch out’, or sitting at a desk waiting for the clock to strike five, I lived for the weekend.

The problem was; the weekend was never long enough! Saturda...

September 20, 2013

I’ve been asked to re-post this by several of my subscribers. The latest employment figures showed that about three-quarters of the jobs created were part-time (30 hours per week or less). Now, more than ever, your financial success may depend on whether or not YOU con...

September 12, 2013

It was a Monday evening. I was at home when one of my route supervisors called, he and his crew had gone to one of their scheduled cleaning jobs and found the building totally vacant. He wanted to know if I knew anything about it, and if so, why hadn’t I informed him?...

August 16, 2013

Had enough? Can’t take it anymore? Maybe it’s all you can do to survive the day without pulling your hair out.


Perhaps you’ve gotten that dream job, and it’s turned into a nightmare.


Do you:

1.) make just enough money every month to make ends meet,

2.) spend just enough...

August 1, 2013


Newsletter subscribers and some of my book readers are often overwhelmed by the variety of options available to them. Questions arise: “How fast can I grow this business?” Or, “How much money can I make?” So, I am going to start a new feature: taking questions and tur...

July 13, 2013

I discussed in a prior blog about the fact that some people start a business only to get a JOB, and others start a business to obtain freedom, financial independence and a certain lifestyle. So, why the difference? What makes one person end up working a JOB and the oth...

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