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You would never have thought that starting an office cleaning business would lead to this:


I’ll never forget the look on my wife’s face as I paid off the last credit card statement. It was as though I had turned into a Superman, some sort of hero, saving our family from eminent disaster. See, as long as those ‘BILLS’ were out there, she never really felt secure.


Every day, thousands of people worry about how to escape the crushing burden of credit card payments and other debts. Sometimes they are ALMOST caught up, and then another emergency occurs.


If ONLY they had a few more dollars per month…….


I’d started our office cleaning business several years earlier and always made enough to pay the bills, but had never used it as the tool to fill the debt hole in our budget. And then one day I’d had enough. Using the techniques I now teach in my book Make Money Cleaning Offices, I put together some materials, sent them out on a regular basis to certain targeted businesses, and doubled my income in 6 months.


I could have wasted that income on new cars, vacations, ‘stuff’ that loses value the minute you buy it; but I had a plan: pay off my credit cards (starting with the smallest) as fast as I could.


Like dominoes, they began to fall; until the last one was paid, and I saw the smile on my wife’s face.


How about you? Would a few hundred extra every week or month make a difference? The extra income from YOUR office or house cleaning service could keep everybody smiling. House or office cleaning not your thing? Over the years we added a lawn care service and a window cleaning business. The possibilities are endless!


A part-time or full-time service business can provide the income you need to get out of debt. Start today. With my FREE weekly newsletter, you’ll get tips and advice based on my years of starting and operating a service business.


Financial teacher Dave Ramsey says that if you've got a big 'hole' (a lot of debt), you need a big 'shovel' (a LOT of extra money) to fill it! With low start-up costs, a commercial office cleaning service offers few-risks and great rewards! It may be just the 'shovel' you need.!!


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