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We did it! We got our first account by bidding it the way you taught us to. I made up the proposal like you showed, and did my presentation. I was so scared, but it really went well, thanks to your 'tips'. I'll be a lot more self-assured when I do the next one.




Alan James




Hey Rod,


I've been 'burned' by 2 cleaning franchises, but still wanted to do office cleaning. So, I read your blog posts, then subscribed to the newsletter; to be honest, you've been a mentor to me with your encouragement, so I thought, "What's to lose, I'll buy the book."


Dummy me, I should have done this at the beginning! It's a goldmine of information, I'm so much more confinent that I can start a cleaning business of my own.


Thanks again,


Carlos Tucker



DO YOU want to leave the 9 - 5 behind?
Are you ready to:
1. earn the income you deserve,
2. set your own schedule,
3. build up an asset you can use to retire or pass on to your family?






Take advantage of my 20 years of business experience condensed into nearly 200 pages. Learn how to set up and market your business, prepare bids and present proposals, hire and train employees, and so much more. Start your business today to enjoy the personal and financial freedom you deserve!


Contents include:


An Introduction to the Contract Cleaning Business 

Chapter 1 Your Business Plan: Moving from Dreamer to Achiever 

Chapter 2 Basic Business Decisions 

Chapter 3 Get it right—From the Beginning 

Chapter 4 Business Startup 

Chapter 5 Marketing Methods 

Chapter 6 Meeting Your First Potential Client 

Chapter 7 Making the Sale 

Chapter 8 Calculating Job Costs 

Chapter 9 Presenting Your Bid Proposal 

Chapter 10 Starting Your New/First Account the Right Way 

Chapter 11 To Grow or Not to Grow—That IS the Question 

Chapter 12 How to Clean Your New/First Account 

Chapter 13 Finding and Keeping Good Employees 

Chapter 14 Sample letters and Forms 



"Hello Rod,


I ordered your book "Make Money Cleaning Offices" a few days ago.  The information in your book is clearly written and easy to understand.  I am new to the commercial cleaning industry and I believe your book and personal insight are of great value.  It is a must read for anyone who wants to start their own business and achieve success!" 



Scott Bryson







I love the book!! You lay out all the steps to set up a cleaning business. Plus, your shared personal experiences and tips make it easy to avoid time-consuming mistakes. Your insights on finding the ideal client are worth the cost of the book.


Best wishes,


Carol  Larson





The choice is yours:. Wait for the boss to:

give you a raise,

okay your vacation request,

promote you,



OR  begin the life you deserve! Start today.


Try the book risk free for 60 days.

If you're unhappy with your purchase, email me; I'll issue you a full refund!

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