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10 Great Reasons to Start an Office Cleaning Business

I’m going to give you 10 excellent reasons to own a commercial office cleaning business.

1. This is a recession proof business. There will always be office buildings and they will always get dirty.

2. Commercial office cleaning is a service that is in constant demand; whether cleaning is done daily or weekly, it must be done.

3. It does take a certain level of professionalism to do a good job, yet anyone of average intelligence can learn basic cleaning procedures, start a commercial cleaning business and make money cleaning offices with little difficulty.

4. It can pay incredibly well. Many people gross six figures or more in a full-time business as they make money cleaning offices. $30-$45,000 a year part time is easily obtained. There is no limit to how much money you can make with a commercial office cleaning business.

5. It is an excellent, flexible part-time or full-time business for anyone with a little ambition.

6. Once your business is organized you can hire other people to manage the business and do the work for you. As you make money cleaning offices, you actually create jobs for others!

7. It is an excellent business for families. Homeschoolers, or other families with children, can work together in making your commercial office cleaning business a success.

8. It has very low startup costs. Some cleaning supplies, a vacuum cleaner, and other cleaning tools are all that is required for you to make money cleaning offices.

9. You can run your office cleaning business from your home, thus lowering your startup costs. It may also provide tax advantages.

10. You can determine the speed in which you grow this business. Done properly it can provide income for years to come, and can later be sold if you are ready to retire.

Just a note on #10 above: After 16 years of owning my office cleaning company – I could retire, but don’t want to. I’ve got enough quality people trained to manage the company that I really don’t need to run it; yet the income comes in every month. Not a bad way to run a business!

I’ve done this for 16 years, supported a family, put 2 kids through school, etc. You can do it too.


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