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Do You Need To Buy a Cleaning Service Franchise?

Here is a simple question: If you want to Make Money with a Commercial Office Cleaning Business: Why, what are your reasons?

Do you want to-

1.) start a cleaning business from home,

2.) have a great 2nd income,

3.) have a retirement income source?

The beauty of learning how to Make Money by Cleaning Offices is that you can do all of the above, and more, on a ‘shoe string’ budget. You can start small, grow at your own pace, make it as big as you want. And, when all is said and done, you keep ALL the profit from YOUR commercial cleaning service.

In contrast: In a typical janitorial cleaning service franchise, you pay the franchisor a fee for a “package” of janitorial cleaning accounts. The fee is based on the dollar value of cleaning accounts that the franchisor will make available. The fee usually is about half the gross income the accounts are supposed to generate in a year. For example, for a fee of $10,000, you’ll get cleaning accounts worth $20,000; for a fee of $15,000, you’ll get cleaning accounts worth $30,000. You also may have to pay ongoing royalty or management fees.

The franchisor may offer you financing. This may sound especially attractive if you have trouble getting credit from traditional lenders.

The franchisor is supposed to offer you contracted office cleaning accounts that will produce the level of income represented in the package you purchased. However, several factors can affect that level of income. For example, if you don’t accept an account, the franchisor may not have to offer you a substitute. Or, if you refuse an cleaning service account because you feel it’s located too far away, you may lose your right to that income. Also, if you lose cleaning accounts because you did a poor cleaning job, the franchisor doesn’t have to replace those accounts.

Even worse: franchisors often bid commercial cleaning jobs so low that you end up working at minimum wage.

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