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Why do I want YOU to make money cleaning offices?

Is it time to 'stretch' yourself?

As someone who has broken out of the ‘rat race’ and found a measure of financial freedom, it would be easy to sit back and enjoy life. As mentioned in earlier posts, I never dreamed that I could provide for my family, put my kids through school, etc.; all by starting an office cleaning business.

Several of my friends have asked me why I want to provide this information. The reason is simple. There was a point in my life where I was so far down there was nowhere to go but up. I’m going to tell you right now that it was very easy to consider quitting, even giving up on life.

But inside of me there was a stubborn streak, a spark of rebellion; something that told me that no matter what life threw at me I was going to overcome it.

That is what I want to share with you. You can make money cleaning offices. There are many reasons to consider doing this:

1.) a need for new or additional income

2.) a desire for more free time

3.) an understanding that your work should be used to grow your business, not someone else’s.

So, this blog is not here to sell you something. I will look at a number of the resources available on the market and suggest to you which ones appear to be of value. In all honesty, I have worked hard enough and built a big enough business that I probably know as much or more as any of the authors pushing their materials.

I’m going to give as much information as possible on how you can make money cleaning offices to:

1.) get out of the ‘rat race’

2.) earn additional income

3.) fund your retirement, etc.

Maybe you are in a 'rut'; maybe you think you've reached your limits in success in life.

I don't believe it. You can still acheive great things; but you'll have to stretch to do it.

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