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Ready for YOUR Palace?

A few years ago a biologist and researcher came up with a term he called “the adjacent possible.” It’s a complex theory but here’s a simple way to look at it. Think of being in a house that magically expands with every door you open. You walk into a room and see three more doors leading out. Once you open one of those doors you enter another room with another three doors leading to yet new rooms. Keep opening doors and eventually you’ll realize you’re in an expanding palace.

When I decided to make money cleaning offices, I had no idea how many doors that would open up for me. Yes, I still have a commercial cleaning business, but over the last several years I have added landscaping, house cleaning, and at one time had a commercial carpet cleaning firm with over 3600 residential customers.

A palace? Maybe yes, maybe no. But from that simple decision to make money cleaning offices, a whole new world of opportunity and income level possibilities opened up to me.

Ready to do the same? It may NOT be starting an office cleaning business, but YOU have choices in your life. Make ‘em good ones!

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