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Are You Tired of Being Broke?

How Dave Ramsey and Dan Miller changed my life!


You are not alone, some 40 percent of Americans rely on their next payday to make ends meet; and an additional 37 percent say that they “sometimes” need to rely on the next payday to make ends meet. In common language, we say that you are living ‘paycheck to paycheck’.

What are the consequences of living paycheck to paycheck?

There are many, including:

  1. You don’t save enough – or anything at all. According to the survey, more than a quarter of Americans don’t save money on a monthly basis.

  2. You miss SOME bill payments at least once a year

  3. You skip or reduce contributions to your retirement fund (if you had any in the first place).

I think the biggest consequence of living paycheck to paycheck is fear. Always worrying what will happen if you have an unexpected auto expense, or if someone should lose their job or gets their hours cut back.

So, the question is – how does this happen? I don’t think most people like living paycheck to paycheck, but I think the 2 most likely reasons are:

  • You’ve never learned how to live any other way. Financial lessons are learned. You may believe that you are at the mercy of some unseen force; that you live day-to-day, that life just happens.

  • You can’t live any other way. Your expenses completely outweigh your income, with your bills so high that you can’t possibly get on top of them.

I’m not being critical; I’ve lived both ways: beaten down by what seemed to be an endless parade of disasters and overwhelmed by a financial outgo that was twice my monthly income!

IF you think you can’t control your financial life, please check out Dave Ramsey’s materials. Read the book the Total Money Makeover; join a Financial Peace University class, etc.

Thanks to Dan Miller, I learned that I was not stuck in a rut; in one six month period I doubled the income from my office cleaning service! If you would like to find out how a ‘No Franchise & low start-up cost’ office cleaning business could change your life, check out my Free newsletter!

I can only point you in the Dave Ramsey direction to help you handle your money, BUT, I can show you how to increase your income with a full or part-time office cleaning business Check out my Free 36 weeks of Tips and Advice on starting and operating an office cleaning business today.

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