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Why Don't I Give My Book Away?

Thank you for being patient.

We have provided a link to the Table of Contents to give you an idea as to what is in the book; we have set up the sales process, and added the bonus House Cleaning Business guide.

To those of you who have worked with me: offering feedback, proofreading, using my experience to improve your cleaning business and sharing your successes, Thank You So Much! I simply could not have put that much time into writing this book if you had not insisted that it would be a real help to those wanting to start their own cleaning services.

Some might ask that if my goal was to provide a step-by-step tool by which anyone could begin the process of starting and operating their own office cleaning business, “Why not give the book away?

Studies show that:

  • 85% of FREE ebooks are never opened,

  • only 14% are ‘skimmed’, and

  • less than 1% are ever acted upon.

So, I decided that anyone who was serious about taking control of their future would be willing to spend twenty bucks to change their lives. So, that’s why the 19.95 price. Less than the cost of a meal for two.

Just one (1) office cleaning account can be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month: not a bad return on a small investment!

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