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Help! How Do I Get Started In Business? Part 1

Some days it is hard to get moving. Maybe you stagger out of bed, take a shower, drink a gallon of coffee, and you STILL feel as though you’re barely moving at a snail’s pace.

Life is often like that, especially when you want to start your own business. You wonder, “What do I do first?’ “How do I begin?”

Many time you feel as though you are in a rut so deep you can’t get out. You’re not alone, we’ve all felt that way!

In this post, I’m going to give you Part 1 of

6 Steps To Starting A Cleaning Service Quickly.

These same step will help anyone interested in starting any business: The business may change, but the principles remain the same.

There is a series of steps that you will want to work through if you are serious about starting an office cleaning business. This is certainly true if you’re in need of work or additional income and want to be sure you’re not dragging your feet too long while opportunity passes you by.

Remember that starting a home-based business is in many ways similar to looking for a job. What is unique about starting a self-employment compared to finding a job is the amount of flexibility you have to provide any service you want to meet the needs of your clients.

The 1st 3 Steps To Start Your Business Fast

1. Creating your company vision:

Let’s begin with simple preparation. Take one sheet of paper and write out one paragraph that contains your business vision that gets you fired up. Answer the question “Why will I undertake this venture and who will benefit from my doing so?”

You might say, “My business will deliver honest, reliable and reasonably priced commercial office cleaning to local small businesses, such as realtors, title companies, chiropractors, insurances, etc.; customers that are large enough to outsource their office cleaning needs.

I’m undertaking this venture because these kinds of businesses are tired of paying for inferior service and having to search over and over for a reliable office cleaning provider. My company will benefit them by providing the service they want, at a competitive price, and eliminate the need for them to ‘hire and fire’ janitorial services.”

2. How the business will ‘launch’:

On your paper include an answer to how you will hit the ground running. Write out 5 decisions that will make the difference in you producing a service that will benefit a specific group of people with money to pay you within 30 and no more than 60 days from business kick-off.

You might start with: This business will launch the moment I…

  • Create 3 advertising items (business card, flyers, brochures) to offer to my ideal client.

  • Identify 10 specific local businesses to visit to offer my services.

  • Purchase bookkeeping and accounting software to track business income and expenses.

  • Join one or more local business or civic groups to ‘network’ for my business.

  • Develop a verbal marketing presentation and become comfortable using it.

3. 1st Steps.

Now identify what this will require from you to achieve those results. Be precise. If you are vague about what it takes to succeed, then you will limit your chances of ever attaining success.

For example: At the beginning the business will require the following:

  • I am the face of my business. My joining various business and civic groups will serve to provide credibility.

  • I will visit with some of my business-owning friends and offer to clean their businesses at a reduced rate to acquire their testimonials and publish in my promotional material.

  • I will use my computer to print promotional material using ‘blank’ forms (business cards, etc.) available at office supply stores; or order these online.

  • I will keep detailed records of all expenses while I determine which accounting software to purchase.

  • I will write out a 3 minute presentation about my business emphasizing how hiring my company benefits the customer, and I will practice it daily.

Okay, those are the first 3 steps. Don’t jump the gun and rush to Part 2 which has the final three steps. Take the time to work through the first 3 Steps. They are the ‘foundation’ of your business.

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