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Easy Marketing to Make Money Cleaning Offices

For new business or small business, marketing is always a bit of an experiment. Chances are good that you only have a few dollars with which to work; use it wisely, and business comes your way; use it poorly – you’re broke and have nothing to show for it.

Here are just a few ways in which you may want to advertise your business if you want to make money cleaning offices:

1. Flyers: You can inexpensively print some catchy, well designed Flyers and take them around to small businesses in your area. Remember, successful advertising depends upon it recognition; your potential customer needs to know you exist when they’ll need you, even though that may not be right now.

2. Mailings: Call businesses that you are interested in cleaning. Get the name of the individual who would make the decision to hire you and send them a well-designed letter.Hand address the envelope, and include a flyer with your letter. Remember, you will need to send them something on a regular basis to get a contract and make money cleaning offices.

3. Cold calling: Easier for some people than others. Be prepared for initial rejection, leave some materials and be friendly, not pushy.

4. Yellow Pages: Increasingly, Yellow Pages are not seen as a wise investment for commercial cleaning services. If you are committed to this business, purchase the least expensive ad that will get your name, phone number and the services you offer into the Yellow Pages.

5. A website: More of a gimmick than a necessity for the startup business.

6. Local newspapers: Never used one myself, but perhaps buy a small inexpensive ad and run weekly on a regular basis. Remember, repetition is the key to being noticed if you want tomake money cleaning offices.

7. Handing out business cards: Without being pushy, don’t be afraid to let people know what you do and that you would like to do it for them! A well designed business card is a part of developing repetition; find places to distribute them.

8. Word of mouth: when people who meet you ask what you’re doing; once again simply let people know what you are doing for a living and that you are always looking for more customers. They may not need your services, but they may know someone that does.

Success will occur when your chosen sales approach(es) are used consistently!

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