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A BIG Thank You to subscribers and book buyers!

This is long overdue, but with all of the things going on in life, it’s sometimes hard to remember to stop and say thank you. The ‘big picture’ in my mind has been to help as many people as possible escape the shackles of the J-O-B.

There are people that enjoy working for someone else; they appreciate the regular hours, adequate income, and the fringe benefits that come with employment. But research shows that more and more people are rejecting that form of lifestyle. Whether it is the hatred of a particular job, limited opportunity, or the fear of being downsized or outsourced; millions people have chosen the true security of being self-employed.

My goal was to offer one opportunity, a low cost start-up that nearly anyone could do, and be able to keep it as small as they wanted, or grow it as big as opportunities allowed. I have been amazed at the response: every week there are new subscribers to my newsletter, with many of them (as well as others) becoming book purchasers.

Many of you have written to thank me for, as one man said, “an opportunity to change my family’s life“. Thanks, but the shoe really belongs on the other foot, I want to thank you. Much of what we do in life really doesn’t matter; it’s rare to get an opportunity to really make a difference. My wife knows when I’ve answered the e-mail from a book buyer or subscriber; I usually come bounding out of my office with some comment like, “I just helped a guy in New Jersey work up a price quote for a window cleaning job!”, and a smile on my face.

So, Thank YOU, for making my efforts worthwhile!

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