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How I moved from Whining to Winning in life, and increased my happiness and doubled my income! Part

In my previous post, I talked about living life with a negative attitude – believing that success would always elude me. Author Dan Miller, in his book 48 Days To The Work You Love and in his blog and podcasts shares a multitude of success stories. Ordinary people, often those at the end of their financial or emotional ‘rope’ find new hope by identifying their skills or interests and using that knowledge to find work or self-employment.

I once read an article in a financial journal in which the authors stated that they believed that if you were to take a group of people of varying degrees of wealth take all of the wealth from every one of them and distribute it equally among the group, within a period of five years all of the wealth would return to the same people. Why? Because within that group there are those who believe they should have wealth and there are those who believe that they are not deserving of having wealth.

How about you? How do you see yourself? Do you believe you a winner or a loser in life? Do you see yourself trapped by circumstances or a creator of new opportunities?

When I began to believe that opportunities and success were available to me three things happened:

I started start looking for opportunities to succeed. I doubled my marketing efforts and then doubled them again. For you, it may mean going back to school for additional training; maybe it means looking for a new work opportunity, perhaps it means starting your own business.

I began to believe in myself. I had gotten my self-worth from the attitudes of those around me (my parents); if those around you believe life is hopeless, you may have bought into that. It is time to change; you must not be held back by them.

Others began look at me differently. I began to exude confidence and determined that my income with double within the next year. When I went to do presentations in order to bid a job, I walked into the potential client’s office with confidence; I knew in my mind that we would get the contract! Do you know what happened? We got every contract that we bid on that year.

Was it magic? No, it was a change in mindset. I saw myself as a winner in life.

In Part 3, I’ll describe the specific steps I took and that seem to be common to a winning mindset.

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