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Real Financial Freedom is not a J-O-B

How can you have financial freedom?

Wonder what bill to pay next? Wondering if the ‘pile’ will ever go down? You are not alone. Research (and a trip to the grocery store!) show the American Middle Class is in trouble. The Census Bureau’s annual report on income and poverty shows that median household income in 2010 was $49,445, after adjusting for inflation, a 6.4 percent drop in purchasing power since 2007. The typical family’s take-home pay is now at 1996 levels. And the percentage of Americans living in poverty rose to 15.1 percent, the worst level since 1993. All of those numbers would be worse if not for billions of dollars in temporary tax breaks and government aid for the unemployed.

It’s not in your J-O-B.

If you are like me, you grew up believing in a myth. We were told the story that if we went to school, learned a trade or got a college degree: we could go to an employer, offer them our services and be guaranteed a lifetime income. And for many people that was true. There were those who got factory jobs, perhaps in the auto industry. Once they were hired and joined the union, they were guaranteed a 40+ hour work week as long as they wanted. Layoffs were rare, pension and health benefits were great.

Many joined the corporate world. White-collar workers sitting at their desks pushing paper 48 hours a week. They too were secure. Good work was rewarded by increased pay, a health benefit package, and a generous retirement plan. Those days are over. Over 23 million Americans are either unemployed or underemployed.


Is not:

Working for someone else for 40 years, hoping to live long enough to retire

Building up another person’s business – making it more valuable

Being subject to the unpredictable nature of business; unemployed without recourse

It is:

Creating work and a lifestyle you enjoy living

Not being dependent upon one ‘boss’

Building value in your business – an asset you can sell or pass on to your children.

I’ve had my own business for 16 years; I could never trade it for a J-O-B. There were times I worked very hard to start my business, more hours than I might have put in for an employer. But, the rewards are worth it:

As a ‘baby-boomer’ I do not fear poverty in retirement,

My children grew up working in the business: they are successful ‘self-starters’

My children will never have to look for employment: either (or both) could build this business as big as they wish.

Can YOU have Real Financial Freedom?

Yes. You can start your own office cleaning business with just a few dollars’ worth of supplies and equipment; buy more of what you need as you ‘grow’, hire employees when and if you want to, etc.

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