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Watching your ‘Network’ pay off.

I’ve stressed in my newsletters to subscribers to build a network of people who know you are in the cleaning business. As we always say, tell everyone you are in business!

Recently a fellow cleaner shared this story:

“It started with my cousin calling us to do some upholstery cleaning. They purchased a used motor home a while back and needed it freshened up.

So we went and cleaned the seats in the driving area, the bench cushions, and the carpets. Now because of my cousin, we got a call from one of her co-workers to clean her upholstery and some carpet in her home.

In the same week we received a call from one of our real estate agents that we do business with. This job involved cleaning a small single family home with detached garage that was listed for sale.

The place was empty so the realtor gave us the code to the lock box on the door to gain entry as he would not be there. When we arrived we took a look around to see what the job entailed. It was an older three-story home with an unfinished basement.

The property was in good shape so were able to give a decent price for the cleaning. The real treat was they also desired a price for the carpet cleaning too. To make a long story short we did get the job (for both the cleaning and the carpets).

The job went off as planned and we collected our payment the very same day. These few jobs kind of came out of nowhere and really added some bonus profit to our bottom line (no advertising expenses!). It wound up bringing in just over $500.00 for the three small jobs.

Again I cannot stress it enough, tell everyone that you are in cleaning business.This is probably one of the most cost-effective ways to get the word out that you are in business. Tell relatives, friends, co-workers if you still have a regular job.

Do whatever you need to! If you see a store that has a bulletin board put your business card up there! Hand your cards out in the grocery line of someone strikes up a conversation. In the beauty/barber shop too. Don’t be shy, as being shy won’t get you business.

Send special offers out to your friends, their friends, their relatives, members of your church, members of clubs you or your family may belong to. Think of everyone and everywhere you can advertise your business. You will be surprised at the response you will get over time. It may not happen right away, but it will happen!”

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