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Business Cards are Marketing 101 for Home-based businesses.

Yes, it would be nice to have a staffed 'call center' to promote your business, but realistically, that is a major expense (maybe in the future?).

We live in a high-tech, modern world and we often talk about using social media as a means of getting your business name out, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon using business cards. They are still one of the most effective tools you will ever have. If you stop and think about it, a printed business card is merely an older version of today’s social media. When starting a home based cleaning service, business cards are extremely low cost compared to other social media.

One advantage of a business card is that they tend to stay around forever. You can hand them out at networking events, place them on bulletin boards at grocery stores, the local shopping center, real estate offices, and at your janitorial supply house. Make your business card attractive, use some bright colors to catch the eye, and a font that is easy to read. While it is true that most advertising or media have to impact the senses at least seven times before they are recognized, that is not true of a business card.

You can go online to design your own attractive business card and have them printed and shipped to you quite inexpensively. While you’re at, it consider designing a simple thank you card or greeting card. Periodically we send out thank you cards just to let our janitorial service and housecleaning customers know we appreciate their business and never take them for granted. We also send out thank you cards whenever we get a referral from one customer to a prospective client. Greeting cards can be used to let existing customers know that you provide other services such as a window washing, housecleaning, lawn care, etc.

In a high-tech world the old-fashioned personal touch goes a long way to building solid business relationships!

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