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10 Ways to Succeed in Business

I discussed in a prior blog about the fact that some people start a business only to get a JOB, and others start a business to obtain freedom, financial independence and a certain lifestyle. So, why the difference? What makes one person end up working a JOB and the other building wealth and freedom from their business?

For success you must have the ability to see yourself totally free from the need to work for a living. And you have to believe that your business is your major wealth creation tool and your ticket to the life of your dreams.

Scary? Too Big a Mental Step? Haven’t a clue how to do that?

Fortunately, years of research have discovered ten traits successful business people have in common:

1. Vision. Successful business people have a really clear picture of their business when it’s ‘complete’, they can see where it is all heading. (Today, I’ll do the work. In 5 years, I’ll manage the business; employees will do the work. In 10 years, managers will manage, employees will work, and I’ll concentrate on sales).

2. Belief. However big and daring their goal, they believe that they can do it. (Henry Ford, “If you believe you can’t do it, you’re right. If you believe you CAN do it, you’re right).

3. Passion. Feeling passionate about what you do is another factor that unites the business elite. (In the beginning stages of your business, how do you spend your free time: watching TV or listening to motivational speakers).

4. Goals. Successful business people are goal setters. They have the willingness to look out to the future, to see the vision and then set goals along the way to make sure they get there.

5. Plan. Goals without a plan are just goals, so another trait that comes through when you talk to wealthy entrepreneurs that is that they had a plan for their business. They saw the vision of ultimate success, they set some really clear goals and then they put a plan in place of how they will get there.

6. Action. A plan is just a plan until you put it into action. The best plan in the world will not succeed unless someone implements it. Another trait of really successful people is that they are action-orientated people. They are people who will actually follow through on the plan that they’ve created for themselves.

7. Determination. Wealthy entrepreneurs don’t give up when the going gets tough. They keep going no matter what.

8. Failure. Things will go wrong. The ability to learn from the failure, to take the learning, pick yourself up and carry on – that is a key trait to being a successful business person.

9. Wealth positive, not money negative. The business heavy-hitters are not frightened to build a business that makes them phenomenally wealthy.

10. Giving back. To use their wealth to do good is what drives the difference between the average business owner-operator and those that go forward and create phenomenal wealth.

10 traits. Neither you nor I may exhibit them all, but we can learn from these and start to think like Winners!

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