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Retirees may NEED to make Money by Cleaning Offices

This is a repost of a blog from mid-2012. As a ‘baby-boomer’, most of my friends are ‘boomers’ and they are scared.


The problems facing the U.S. economy are daunting especially when it comes the issues of Government spending and the current deficit. Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare make up the largest portions of the current spending requirements of the Federal Budget.

The current administration has promised that cuts will not be made to government “entitlement” programs but is that a promise that any administration can actually keep?

When it comes to Social Security the facts are rather alarming. By 2017 the Social Security Administration will pay out more in benefits than it takes in. This is not surprising given that in the 1950′s there were roughly 5 workers for every retiree. Today, it is roughly half of that. With 78 Million “baby boomers” moving into retirement the demands on social security are set to spiral higher in the coming years ahead. Is it really any wonder then that with demographics heading in the wrong direction, not to mention a much slower growth economy, that the Social Security Administration has moved up its estimate that the Social Security Fund will be exhausted entirely by 2033?

While we have all been led to believe that there is some “lock box” in Washington that are safeguarding the semimonthly payments that are drafted from our paychecks — the reality is that this is simply not the case.

The money you pay into Social Security is not yours.

1. Politicians can confiscate those dollars at their discretion such as when the Clinton Administration used the dollars from Social Security to balance the budget.

2. They can raise the retirement age thereby shortening the number of dollars that must be paid out.

3. Moreover, as we have seen over the past decade, they can eviscerate their obligations by debasing the dollar.

Combine those issues with the reality that eventually the government will have to take steps to begin to deal with the problem that is Social Security. While there has been much discussion of the issue of cutting the deficits, reducing spending and raising revenue to return to a path of prosperity — the simple fact is that nothing can be accomplished without attacking the 800-lb guerrilla that is entitlement spending.

This is why I strongly suggest that you consider starting a small commercial office cleaning business. As I approach retirement age, I am so thankful that I have my own commercial office cleaning business. I have been able to free myself from the fate that may befall so many older Americans. If you learn to make money by cleaning offices and other buildings, you’ll have a safety net of your own!

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