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Achieve REAL Job Security

It was a Monday evening. I was at home when one of my route supervisors called, he and his crew had gone to one of their scheduled cleaning jobs and found the building totally vacant. He wanted to know if I knew anything about it, and if so, why hadn’t I informed him?

I was as surprised as he was. I called the phone number for the office and got a recording telling me that that office was closed and that I could contact another office in the nearby city. I had an emergency phone number for the office manager and called her to see what had happened. She told me that she and her staff had gone into work Monday morning, found it totally vacant except for a representative of a headquarters company waiting for them. He informed them that the management had decided to close the local office, gave them two weeks pay plus any vacation time due them, and wished them well.

The days of corporate job security are long gone. Corporate change is a necessity: market conditions constantly shift, leadership turns over, customer needs change, and competition forces new products and services to be developed.

Even worse, the Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare will have devastating repercussions for the job market. A recent survey indicates that 73% of businesses will either stop hiring or reduce the number of full-time employees and replace them with part-time workers. Last month’s job statistics show that 240,000 full-time workers lost their jobs and about 350,000 part-time workers found employment. Expect this trend to continue.

But YOU can achieve REAL Job Security with your own office or residential cleaning service. Get over 40 weeks of my FREE newsletter and check out my cleaning business resources here.

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