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How to Make Your Commercial Office Cleaning Business a Success!

Your intentions (to succeed) are a powerful tool as you start your commercial office cleaning business.

Imagine that you're an professional athlete, trained and ready to compete. See yourself crouched in position at the starting line with all the other competitors. All your senses are alert, listening for the crack of the starting gun.

In the final pre-event moment, what is going through your mind?

Are you saying to yourself, "I think, with a little luck, and if the wind is right, and if I don’t fall, maybe, just maybe, I can finish this race."

No way.

Most likely you're saying, "I'm about to blow them all away! The VICTORY is mine!"

Be as confident about your office cleaning business goals. Don't be vague or hesitant. Be clear in your intentions to grow your commercial cleaning business. Then adjust your behavior. Put one foot in front of the other, and make your wishes come true.

Here's how to 'Work Out' your business plan.

1. Be specific. Have you made a solid resolution to make more money with your office cleaning business? How can you clarify this goal even further? Instead of saying "some money"; nail down a specific figure. How much extra money would you like to earn each month? Instead of telling yourself you're going to bring aboard "more customers," name a number of new accounts you want.

2. Be realistic. If you think you're going to win that marathon without the proper training, you're just a wishful thinker. Success = preparation + opportunity. Get out the map and select the specific business districts you want to target. Name the companies you'd like for your own customers, and be real about what you're prepared to do about it. Are you going to make up ‘flyers’ and distribute them, go ‘cold-calling’, print business cards? How will they know you have an office cleaning business IF YOU DON”T TELL THEM?

3. Say when. Do you want to grow your cleaning business quickly, such as in the next two weeks or within this month? Or would you prefer a slowly growing number of accounts, say acquiring one new account each month over the next twelve months? Setting a specific time-line is an important part of the process. It's a deadline for your unconscious to pay attention to. And it will. I know many people who have turned a small commercial office cleaning service into a 6 figure income stream; but it never happened by accident!

4. Be accountable. Ask another person to be your goals buddy as you determine a ‘plan’ to advertise and market your office cleaning service. Ask them to hold you accountable for your promises to yourself. Make an accountability appointment to look at the progress you've made. Do this regularly, every two or three months, or whatever works. How frequently you measure your progress doesn't matter as much as your honest assessment of youself, and honoring your accountability appointment.

This works in many areas of life. I track my weight with a spread (no pun intended) sheet. Every morning I weigh myself, and depending on the goal weight I have; I allow myself to:

a. 'splurge' with an extra helping of a favorite food,

b. continue a 'maintenance' diet plan,

c. reduce my intake of certain foods.

My scale is accurate to 2/10 of a pound. There is no guessing.

Your plan for your business is more involved, but you need to know whether you are making progress, or not; and if not, what you are going to do to change things.

Using these principles, this business did so well that we added house cleaning, a lawn care service, and a window cleaning company; all from contacts made in the commercial office cleaning business.

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