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Enjoy a 3 Day Weekend - Every Week!

I remember waiting for five o'clock on Friday. It did not matter if it was when I was a factory worker waiting to ‘punch out’, or sitting at a desk waiting for the clock to strike five, I lived for the weekend.

The problem was; the weekend was never long enough! Saturdays were often spent doing projects; and for our family, Sundays meant going to church in the morning, a leisurely lunch with family, and some social time with friends or neighbors on Sunday afternoon. And then came Monday again!

Three day weekends were really special. You got to do all of your regular weekend routine and then have one extra day. Sometimes you could skip the routine altogether, take a trip or go camping. On those three day weekends an idea began to form: what if every weekend could be a three day weekend?

When my wife and I realized that our future lie in the contract cleaning business we decided to make the three-day weekend a reality. We decided that we would only take on janitorial accounts that allowed us to clean them Tuesday through Friday evenings. Later, as our business grew larger and we hired employees we did take on accounts that would be five or more nights per week.

But for us, personally, a four day work week was the maximum. For us as a couple it meant that many of our accounts would have to be cleaned on Friday nights; that meant getting home at midnight or later. But that schedule would give us Saturday, Sunday and Monday off, and we would not have to return to work till late Tuesday afternoon!

It is almost impossible to describe the benefits of having a three day weekend every week, but let me list a few for you:

  • Knowing you have it three day weekend ahead of you keeps you highly motivated during your four day work week. Why mess with a good thing by performing shoddy service?

  • A four day work week gives you a mental break on the weekend, allowing your brain to recharge and come up with new and exciting ways to build your business.

  • You have an opportunity to travel more. Instead of hurrying to get somewhere, see and do something, and then rush home in time to go to work Monday morning; travel can become more leisurely and leave you feeling refreshed upon your return.

Would I give up my three day weekends? Not on your life! Can you enjoy three-day weekends? The answer is a resounding yes! Start now by learning how owning your office cleaning business can create a permanent 3-day-weekend in your life. Subscribe to my FREE Newsletter here.

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