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Make Money Cleaning Offices for Part-time Income

We all need a few extra dollars to spend, but taking on another job, even if it’s part-time can really cut into your family life. If this is your problem then you may be interested in learning how to make money cleaning offices in your spare time.

1. One of the benefits of creating your part-time job and earning the extra income you need is that you get to set you own hours! If you can work on Monday and Tuesday nights and not Wednesday through Friday because you have plans with your family, then you could schedule yourself to only work two nights a week. Locate several small offices that would need your services once a week and still have free time on the nights that you need for your family. By setting up your schedule like this you can generate some office cleaning income and still have some flexibility with your work hours.

2. You can also plan on how much money you want to make each week, making sure your customers (cleaning accounts) meet those needs. When you decide you need more income you can simply add more customers to your list. Do a good job, build up a reputation and you can easily increase your office cleaning clients. Remember, YOU are the one who sets your income ‘limits’.

Author Dan Miller, in No More Mondays, says that we are moving from a time-and-efforteconomy into a results-based economy. With your own business, you no longer work for so-much-per-hour but now work for whatever the job is worth to the customer. You can make $25.00 – $50.00 per hour when you charge by the job!

3. You will need to decide what kind of service you will offer. Work from your proposal and a check list. Your list of what you will and will not do, such as not cleaning carpet, or not dusting people’s desk that have important papers on them (but you will dust their desks if they move everything to the center of the desk). Make sure your list to includes only those tasks that you are willing and able to provide. This way everything is clearly explained between you and your clients.

4. Always keep your word and don’t make promises to your clients that you can’t keep. If you can’t show up for your appointed time be sure and let them know and arrange another time to do the job. Most clients will be okay with this as long as you let them know what happening.

Just a few reasons why cleaning offices can provide a great part-time income for you or your family!


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