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 Maybe you're not ready (or wanting) to start a full-fledged Office Cleaning Business, BUT you sure could use some extra cash: if that's the case, then a

Window Cleaning Business

can earn you hundreds of extra dollars a month!

Some examples:

1.  'David' has a factory job, with great health benefits (he's not giving those up!) but he still wanted additional income to pay off a 2nd Mortgage he'd taken to add a garage to his house - window cleaning earns him $600 a month - he paid off the loan and is now saving up to add a patio next year.

2.  'Shirley' finished college with a LOT of student debt; and with her salary barely covering: rent, food, utilities, etc., discovered she would be paying on her loan for YEARS. THAT made her mad! So, she looked for additional ways to make money - window cleaning earns her $400-$500 a month - and she's sees an end to the debt she hated.

3   'Jim' is retired, and while he has Social Security and a small pension; he's the first to admit it doesn't go far enough. Because he had the time, he went 'gung-ho' and hustled up a number of good sized commercial accounts - window cleaning nets him over $1000 a month - which he says "takes the pressure off."


How about you?

Could you use $400.00, $500.00, even a $1000.00 or more each month?

This is a great, low start-up cost business, and you can work from home! It's a great way to pick up some extra cash by working evenings and/or weekends. More than one person has moved into full-time business; there are a lot of dirty windows!


Your local janitorial supplier has all the supplies and equipment you need (chances are good Lowes or Home Depot has them too).


Let me show you how to earn $40 -$70 per hour, set your own schedule; and, if you choose, build a full-time business for real financial security!


What you'll get:


Introduction to Commercial and Residential Window Cleaning

Chapter 1 – Tools and Equipment Needed

Chapter 2 – How to Set Up Your Business 

Chapter 3 – How to Market Your Business 

Chapter 4 – Profitably Pricing Your Services 

Chapter 5 – MY Window Cleaning Tips

Go ahead, download my Window Cleaning Business Book. Keep it for 60 days. If you don't feel it gives you the information you need; just email me, I'll give you a complete refund!

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