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There are 20,000,000 businesses , and millions of homes in the United States. They get dirty - someone has to provide a cleaning service.

              Why Not YOU?

They need the extra income-

YOU hire and train them and have them clean the buildings you've contracted:



  Is this YOU?


  Do you live for the weekends?

  Do you drag yourself to work at a job you hate?

  Do you feel 'life' has you trapped, that there is NO hope for the future?

      My Story


Do you have a dream? Make it HAPPEN! I did and I want you to be able to do the same!


I was so sick and tired of dragging myself to work each day. This wasn’t living – it felt like prison; leaving me emotionally and physically exhausted. And the worst part was, I thought it was the best that I could do. I’d given up believing in myself.


FORTUNATELY, I got FIRED. I say, fortunately, because I discovered that you don’t have to work a 9-5 job, five days a week to make a living; and then try to enjoy LIFE on the weekend. If you spend your life trading time for hourly wages or a salary, you’ll never get ahead.


Here’s the secret: there are a bunch of people making a great living connecting people who can provide a service with those who need those services.


Not far from you is someone who needs to have their office or home cleaned or their lawn mowed or windows washed on a regular basis, and they are willing to pay handsomely for that service. Also, not too far from you is someone who needs to:

  • make a few dollars to pay some bills,

  • put a child through college,

  • or save for retirement.


YOU can do the work yourself OR be the one who makes the connection between these people. You’ll do the marketing, provide the insurance, handle the training, make SURE the job is done right; and both the client and the employee will thank you for it!


What’s your dream?


Whatever it is, self-employment can be a ‘tool’ to make it happen. I believe in that strongly enough to want to share it with others. Some call self-employment ‘free agency’, defined as a person who is self-determining and is not responsible for his or her actions to any authority. Is that the kind of freedom you want?


Whether it is simply a need for a few more dollars, or a complete life-style turn around; starting and operating your own office cleaning or other service business couldn’t be easier. 

Change Your Life Today

with one of these low-cost business opportunities!

Office Cleaning

House Cleaning

Lawn Care

Window Cleaning

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