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 If you can clean your  home, you already  have everything you  need to start a  business of your own.


 Let me show you how!


 Need a quick way to pick up some  extra cash,  or create a part-time  income while the kids are  in school?  This is a great, low start-up cost  business, and you can work from  home! 


 You already have all the supplies and  equipment you need!


 You can earn $20 -$25 per hour, set your  own  schedule; and, if you choose, hire      some 'help'  and build a full-time business  for real financial  security!


Here's all the information you'll need!


 Introduction to the House Cleaning Business

 Chapter 1 -  License & Insurance 

 Chapter 2 – Finding Your Clients 

 Chapter 3 – Employees 

 Chapter 4 – Cleaning Procedures 

 Chapter 5 – Promotional Materials 

 Chapter 6 – Additional Services for extra cash!


With millions  of professional couples and individuals working 50-60 hours each week, the last thing they want to do is come home and clean  the house!


They'll pay YOU $20 - $25 per hour to clean it for them!

           Tired of the 'same old - same old?"
Use the equipment and supplies you already have to start a business of your own. Download my House Cleaning Business Guide to get started today!
Try the book risk free for 60 days. If you're unhappy with your purchase, email me; I'll issue you a full refund!
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