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 From Our Book


"I am so impressed with Rod because he has great goal-setting questions and helps to focus me on providing a service that clients will stay with year after year. He has wonderful customer service ideas, especially marketing and pricing my service. He has certainly done an enormous job and this book is a very usable resource. I now have the confidence to do the things I had always wanted to do. This book is certainly a gem and is worth two or three times the price." 

- Sam

 "I wanted to express my thanks to you for sharing your expertise on office cleaning in general, as well as the specific low-cost tips you have given to promote a start-up business. This book helped me learn some great techniques to save time and energy. Good for anyone just starting a business or an expert that is willing to learn a few new tricks. Very informative, and a good read!"  


"Rod, I have been following your site since the beginning and I have to say I love the new book cover and love how your site has grown! Keep up the good work! Your book takes the fear out of starting a home-based business."


“I love the book!! You lay out all the steps to set up a cleaning business. Plus, your shared personal experiences and tips make it easy to avoid time-consuming mistakes. Your insights on finding the ideal client are worth the cost of the book.”

-Carol Larson, 2014

Just went  from $4000-$5000 a month to $11,000 and climbing. We went from two subs to 3-4 then to 6 subcontractors.”

-Carol Larson, 2016

“I bought the book yesterday and read the entire thing in one sitting. Already I have pages of notes that will be extremely helpful. You also shined some light on things I had never thought about or seen discussed anywhere before.


I’ve bought a couple other books and was hesitant to spend more money but I’m so thankful I did. I feel calmer now after reading the book and now feel I have some direction.Thanks for making this available to people.”

-Donna Hackett

From Newsletter


"Rod! I have signed up for the newsletter and can’t wait to buy a copy of your book. After reading several other posts I see the importance of taking the first step. You’ll never know until you try." 

"I am trying to start a cleaning business, so I signed up for your newsletter and your Business Marketing Guide. I do have a background in business, but with the economy in this terrible shape, I find it very difficult to find a job. And I feel like it is time for me to “take the bull by the horns” and create my own successful future." 


"I know that office cleaning can be quite lucrative, and I’m glad to see you advocating it. I have a friend who has owned a bar for years, bought a pizza place several years back, and just recently a cleaning business– and he’s ready to chuck everything and just run the cleaning business." 

- Denise

“I’ve been ‘burned’ by 2 cleaning franchises, but still wanted to do office cleaning. So, I read your blog posts, then subscribed to the newsletter; to be honest, you’ve been a mentor to me with your encouragement, so I thought, “What’s to lose, I’ll buy the book.”

I should have done this at the beginning! It’s a goldmine of information, I’m so much more confident that I can start a cleaning business of my own.”

-Carlos Tucker

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