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Are YOU tired of not having enough money?


Let's be honest, the average American's 'buying power' hasn't increased since the 1970s. The rich get richer, the poor get subsidies, and the rest of us get left behind!

A recent news report stated that 25 million Americans are living 'hand-to-mouth' with no savings, no emergency fund, and nothing put aside for retirement. The rising costs of food, housing, utilities, insurance, etc.; leaves very little. A medical bill, an appliance repair, or a car breaking down can be devastating.

Maybe you're a retiree, and that Social Security/pension check just isn't enough.

Got kids heading to college, and you dread the thought of student loans?

Always running out of money before the end of the month?

Are you just plain sick of being broke?

Fortunately there is a way out of this:


YOU can start a lawn care business!

You don't need thousands of dollars of expensive equipment: access to a good lawn mower, grass trimmer, and a few other tools will get you started.

'Susan' (NW Arkansas) took her husband's old Chevy pickup and 2-wheel trailer, loaded up their lawn equipment and started knocking on the doors of retirees in her area; in no time at all, she had over a dozen accounts.

'Barbara' (Kansas City, MO) and 2 of her fellow postal workers built up a thriving lawn care business evening and weekends. 

'Mike' (New England) went full-time into lawn care and not only does regular lawn maintenance but installs lawns, shrubs, and trees. He and his crews also do pest control. 

See, Anyone can Start a Lawn Care Business using the Make Money Mowing Lawns book because it shows you how to easily Make Thousands of Dollars Using Equipment You Already Own!



Let me show you how to: earn $25 -$50 per hour, set your own schedule (part time or full-time; and, if you choose, hire some 'help' and build a full-time business for real financial security!


My Book gives you all you need to know:


Introduction to Residential/Commercial Lawns

Chapter 1 – The Business Essentials for Success

                 use your strengths

Chapter 2 – Setting Up Your Business Correctly

                 great Tax Advantages, etc.

Chapter 3 – Getting Started 

                 developing lawn care skills

Chapter 4 – Marketing Your New Business 

                 know your desired customer base

Chapter 5 – Providing Great Customer Service 

                 discover the needs of your clients

Chapter 6 - Pricing Your Services for Profit

                 price, scheduling, cash flow, etc.

Chapter 7 - Successful Mowing Techniques

                 for a healthy, attractive lawn






Are You ready to change Your Life?

If not, let me ask you to do this:

       Write down your average monthly income, and (after subtracting ALL the bills) write down what you have left.

Now, think what an Additional $300.00, $500.00, or even $1000.00 a month would do to take away the financial pressure!

You have two choices:

1. You can do nothing and each month you will face the same the lack of money. You might have even gotten used to it and think "everybody lives like this."

2. BUT, if you want something different to happen, if you want to change the outcome of your financial future; then you're going to have to do something different. Make a new choice and pursue the new life waiting for you.

Click on the button below, Order the Book, and in just a couple minutes you'll download all the information you'll need to start a lawn care service!

Try Make Money Mowing Lawns for 60 days. If, after 60 days, you aren't satisfied, email me: I'll issue you a complete refund!

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