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A Franchise to Clean Offices? Why share the profits?

In a previous post I mentioned some of the obvious downsides to trying to work through a franchise system if you want to make money cleaning offices.

Let me say this, not all franchises are bad. Many of them will do a legitimate job of training you to run a business. And, it is possible with their assistance to get a brief head start in developing your own business. This does not come cheaply! I have seen many cleaning service franchises costing multiple thousands of dollars. A friend of mine recently looked at one and found that the startup costs were over $50,000. There was little equipment involved in this. For the most part he was paying for a name and a ready-made cleaning system that he was to follow. I’ve heard of people spending many times that, and not getting much more in their effort to make money by cleaning offices.

My problem with all of the above is this:

Yes, you may get a head start in developing an income stream; but, once you understand how your business works, I see no reason for the franchisor to endlessly collect a share of the profits that you generate from your commercial office cleaning business. My business earns me a healthy income. There is no way that I am going to send a portion of it anywhere. Only the taxman gets his cut, and he gets that only after I have used every legitimate available means to reduce my tax burden. By-the-way, a home-based small business offers lots of tax deductions!

Yes, you can make great money cleaning offices. Why share it with people who didn’t do the work? What I make is mine, I earned it and I intend to keep as much of it as possible. Everything you need to know about running a successful business in which youmake money by cleaning offices can be learned without the aid of a franchisor.

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