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Help! How Do I Get Started In Business? Part 2

Here are the 2nd 3 Steps necessary to start your business:

1. Getting into the mind of your ideal customer.What’s in this person’s mind? Write 3 questions that this person asks himself and that you will say “I can do that for you like no one else can.”

My ideal client is asking himself the following questions based on his previous experience with other companies:

  • What do I have to spend to get my building cleaned properly?

  • Can I trust the people cleaning my building? Are they honest?

  • How can I stop having to ‘hire and fire’ one service after another?

My answer to these questions is:

If you hire my office cleaning service, you will be dealing with me directly, not some salesperson or layers of supervisors. We carry liability insurance, and all our employees are bonded. Because we are a small, family owned business; we take personal pride in our work. Also, we are going to do the best job possible so that you will be a great reference as we grow our business!

2. How much will it take to start your business? What do you estimate will be enough to get your operation going? Keep it small. Think 3 months. How much labor (measured in hours)? How much cash? How many sales? Write it all down.

For the next 12 weeks this business will require:

  • 240 hours – 20 hours per week – of labor (printing sales materials, distributing flyers, visiting potential clients, attending meetings of groups I’ve joined)

  • $? in tools and materials. Only buy as needed when contract is started.

  • $200 in marketing

  • Add 1 customer each per month

3. Kickoff. Be honest and list the one thing that you must do to motivate yourself enough to kick off this business 5 days from now and no later.

The one thing I must do to launch this business is stop coming home from work to watch 5 hours of TV (or play video games, etc.) every night and instead work on my ‘vision statement’; starting tomorrow!

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