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Make Money by Cleaning Offices – Ready for Self Employment?

Ever wondered what sets the self-employed apart? One of the core attributes of the entrepreneur is a desire to be in control of his/her life. Money is usually not the reason an individual starts a business to make money cleaning offices; it is only one measure of their success. Entrepreneurs are people with vision; many live by the phrase, “If you can conceive it, and you believe it, you can achieve it!”

Successful entrepreneurs are decisive people; once they make a decision, they act upon it immediately. Successful men and women are usually persistent and dedicated. Failure, when it occurs, is merely one step on the way to success if you want to make money cleaning offices. Setbacks are learning opportunities. The time required to achieve success is not an issue; many successful business people consider building their business a 24/7 opportunity.

There are three things that can cause challenges when you become self-employed:

1. Possible loss of focus: One thing that happens when you become self-employed is you may lose a sense of focus. You no longer have a job title that someone else has given you; a description that establishes your place in the world of work. What you do, when you do it, and how you do it is all up to you if you are going to make money cleaning offices. It is your desire and motivation that will make things happen; you cannot afford to wait for others to lead, you are the leader.

2. Disruptions A lot of people, when they first become self-employed, are not going to invest in offices; they’re operating with minimal overhead. Quite often the first location for a self-employed person is their kitchen table or their dining table, i.e. working from home. A problem that many at home business people encounter is the difficulty in separating business and home life. Your spouse may see you at home and come up with lists of errands to run or projects to accomplish; not realizing that this disrupts your business routine. Children especially find it difficult to understand that sometimes, when dad or mom are at home, they are really at work. Try to establish a definite routine: for example, the hours between 9 AM and noon are work hours, or establish a definite area, however small, that is devoted solely to your business, and you will be a success as you make money cleaning offices!

3. Infrastructure One of the key things that people miss when they leave a business environment is that the administrative and other support they had, and maybe didn’t even notice, is gone. In a business, you might have an IT department that will help you sort out any of the technical problems you need to deal with; you’ll have an accounting department that’s going to sort out all the invoicing and expenses; you might have a secretary or receptionist, and now all of that is no longer available to you. As we will discuss later in later posts, at first you will be doing many of the things yourself. Then then as your business grows, you will begin hiring people or ‘farming out’ many of your responsibilities. Engaging a bookkeeping service, hiring friends and family on a part-time basis; these will allow you to run your business as a ‘lean’ business entity.

I’ve spent 16 years as a successful business owner, and I’m not saying it was easy. But, if I can do it - you can too!

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