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3 Mistakes That Will Slow You Down In Any ‘Service’ Business

3 Mistakes That Will Slow You Down In Any ‘Service’ Business

If you're a business owner you are going to make mistakes. It's just how it is. But that doesn't mean you won't be successful, especially if you learn something from each of your mistakes. If you've taken the time to read this, it probably means you want to avoid making some of the mistakes I’ve made over the years.

Here are 3 mistakes that cost me time and money when I started my office cleaning business.

1. Hiring warm bodies.

In the beginning when I started hiring, I really wanted to find great employees. However, when I didn't have a steady stream of great candidates filling out applications, I started hiring less than ideal prospects. I wanted to believe I could train them to fit the ‘template’ of what I wanted. Usually I ended up regretting the fact that I ignored what my gut instinct was telling me.

2. Not finding and coaching a great "second in command" person.

I ran my ‘tail’ off for years handling the day to day business, wearing all the hats, and not actively seeking a person that could take over some of my duties. I learned to look for a great employee with the desire and ability to take on more responsibility, then take the time to develop the skills they needed to manage the areas for which they’d be responsible.

3. Not marketing until I’d need new clients.

Once your business starts taking off, the easiest way to gain needed time is to put off marketing. I’d tell myself, "I need to hire and train people so I can’t possibly put out flyers in that new office park." Before I’d realize it, I hadn't done any marketing for six months and the phone had stopped ringing! Always make the time to market your business so you have a steady stream of prospects. That way, if you should lose a client it won't send you into a panic because you'll always be in a ‘growth’ mode.

These are easy mistakes to make. Sometimes we're overwhelmed by all that's happening - other times we get comfortable with where we are at. Either way, correcting these mistakes takes time; why not avoid them and use your time for growth?

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