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How to Stop Living in Financial 'Pain'

There are days when I open my e-mails and, to be honest, almost tear up. You see, I get e-mails from people who have real hurts occurring in their lives.

There are those who find themselves in a job market that seems to be shrinking. Whatever their skills are, they are needed less and less, and the value of those skills is decreasing in today's economy.

Then there are those that are at a turning point in their life; they are in their 50s or 60s and the routine of life seems to be getting them nowhere. They may be employed, but they're not earning enough: some are still paying for their kid’s college education, others are worried about retirement, some just wonder if they'll be able to make the mortgage payment this month.

These are real people and they are in pain. I know pain. If you read my story, you may be able to identify with the near panic I felt when I lost my job. My wife was pregnant, my daughter was three years old and the thought of working for minimum wage in a declining job market made me physically ill.

The story is told of the farmer who visits his neighbor. While they sit on the porch and talk the farmer notices his neighbor's dog lying on the porch. Periodically the dog whimpered and whined. “What's the matter with your dog?” the farmer asks. “Oh, he's just lying on a nail that is sticking up through the wood.” the neighbor replies. “Why doesn't he move?” the farmer asks. “I guess it doesn't bother him that much.” neighbor replies.

Is there a nail in your life? Maybe you haven't lost your job and been forced to do something drastic, perhaps instead you're learning to live with pain and think it normal. After all, it doesn’t hurt that much. It is time to do something different.

I wish that I had the time to make some phone calls to my readers and subscribers or perhaps even set up some form of business coaching; perhaps some webinars. Unfortunately the 24-hour day and seven day week are limits that I find it impossible to overcome at this time.

Now for some good news, you can get off the nail! If anyone had told me 20 years ago that I would enjoy the kind of financial freedom I have today, I would never have believed it. And by-the-way, it is not from any income from this website; the costs of website design and development, web hosting, e-book design and editing, etc. are all paid for from the profits of my various service businesses. The time, energy and expense of doing this are my way of ‘giving back’ in gratitude for the blessings that I’ve received from others over the years.

Also, I don’t give my books and business guides away for free; then they’d just be one more ‘file’ on someone’s computer. IF you really want to change your life, then it’s worth $7.95 or $19.95 or whatever. If it costs you something, then you just might do something. And that something can get you off the nail!

‘Gina’ puts her kids through college. ‘Kay’ and her daughter are building a 2nd income stream. ‘Chuck’ started with a beat-up old Dodge Dakota pickup and now has a small fleet of vehicles carrying crews to cleaning accounts.

'Susan' makes hundreds of dollars every week 'Spring thru Fall' taking care of lawns within a few blocks of her home.

In fact, our business was so well-received, that we added house cleaning, a lawn care service, and a window cleaning company; all from contacts made in the commercial office cleaning business.

Does it take work to succeed? Yes, but more than that, it takes knowledge.

In Make Money Cleaning Offices I cover (among many things):

Chapter 4 Business Startup

Chapter 5 Marketing Methods

Chapter 6 Meeting Your First Potential Client

Chapter 7 Making the Sale

Chapter 8 Calculating Job Costs

Chapter 9 Presenting Your Bid Proposal.

In that book, and my others, I share my knowledge and experience. In each book there is a disclaimer: I don't guarantee you'll make a penny. I can't make you want to succeed hard enough to work hard enough to actually succeed!

Some of my readers will build just enough of a business to get the extra few hundred they need every month, others will make a couple thousand a month; some will build a business that will give them a life of financial security. Some will do nothing.

How about you? Are you ready to get off the nail and build the life you've always wanted?

Opportunities are right here!

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