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Gina Used Office Cleaning to Put Her Daughter Through College – DEBT FREE

Here’s another subscriber requested re-post. It’s very timely: A friend’s son graduated 20 months ago with $50,000 in student debt. He’s currently working 32 hours per week for $8.00 an hour and has had to get a debt repayment deferment. He turns 25 this week and, at best, will be paying on these loans till he turns 45.

There IS a better way.

When I met Gina (not her real name, she is a very private person) she had a BIG problem. She was a single mom with three children; all teenagers, all very intelligent and all in advanced placement courses in school. She had a good job and yet the extra costs associated with the advanced placement courses were breaking her budget


Even worse, her oldest daughter was only two years away from college. College was going to be a real problem. She made enough money to get by, but too much to qualify for scholarships. Gina was worried, really worried.

Even though this was long before I got the vision to help many people start an office cleaning business, I shared some ideas with Gina:

  • how to set up a commercial office cleaning business,

  • how to advertise her office cleaning services,

  • what to charge; whether by the hour or per offices cleaned.

Gina followed my advice and began to solicit janitorial accounts. Her first cleaning accounts were small:

  • one was $36 a week but that resulted in nearly $150.00 a month ($36 x 4.35 wks./month)

  • a second one was almost $300 a month. THAT started to make a difference.

Now, four years later, Gina and her kids work together in the family janitorial business. They bring home nearly $2500 a month extra family income! College was saved for, and tuition is paid as it comes due. Her daughter will graduate from college debt free, and her two younger children are going to do the same.

What about you? College tuition in your future, or just the monthly hassle of too many bills and not enough money? Commercial office cleaning:

  1. got me out of debt,

  2. put my kids through school,

  3. and enabled us to live a comfortable retirement.

An office cleaning business is a low-startup cost, no Franchise required, business.

For more information go here and learn more.

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